Thursday, September 16, 2010

Treasure Madness Basics and Beating Timers

TM Basics
Treasure Madness is another addictive game which you do NOT have to spend any money on to have a good time and even excel.

The concept is simple. Dig “tiles” or squares on a map and uncover treasures. This was immediately exciting for me as I love a good game of chance. When one map is completed you buy another with the gold you find, and are rewarded with 100 HP per level and 1 Museum $ (MU$) per map completed. Completing a treasure collection will also yield an amount of gold to help you buy more maps or upgrades to your equipment. To date, there are 328 collections, with 5 treasures in each… 1640 different treasures to find, with talented developers creating new ones all the time.

If you don’t have a good team, don’t be afraid to go to the FORUM and check out the Gifting Lounge. There are usually people like me who have everything already who are willing to help you get yours too.

Challenge Maps
Nearly every holiday, TM puts out new “challenge” maps which have a timer of a couple days to a week and contain limited edition treasures. These treasures are fairly easy to collect especially with the help of your team. More important are the MU$ you get for completing each map. These MU$ are used for unlocking special maps and buying more efficient tools. So, how do you accomplish these maps in the limited time given, especially from a lower level?

Log in Often – You can use a 100 HP first aid kit gifted from your team every 8 hours.

Click More – Each time you see a completed collection or map from a friend you get 20 HP per click, up to 200 HP per 2 hours.

Focus – Complete one map at a time if you doubt your ability to complete them all.
Look for my recommendation of “Gifts for Naughty Children” this year for Christmas… maybe they will take my advice and make a Krumpus treasure…

Level Rush
If you are close to the maximum level of 424 or at it, you may worry each time they up the level cap. Let not your heart be troubled, there are some minor things you can do to maximize your EXP gains during those times.

Plan Ahead – If you are already 424, Do an old map and uncover all the tiles, but refresh the page each time you find a treasure game and remember where it is so you do not complete it. When the cap is unlocked, you can go back to these tiles and complete them all at once, earning 15 EXP per treasure found. This is much better than the average of 3 EXP (or so) per tile that you get randomly.

Work Easy – Focus on the normal shovel tiles first! For me, these tiles only cost me 7 HP to dig. Ignore completing the maps until the level rush is over and just dig all the easy tiles first to level up. The exception is if there are challenge maps.


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