Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fishing in Bush Whacker

Barely seven days into my Bush Whacker experiment, I have learned one valuable lesson: If you want to "catch" up, you need to fish... A lot.

In my first seven days, I feel like I have accomplished much, though I am certain that there is someone out there who will show me better. I have used 14,500 energy, found 16,000 in gold, and I have a gem score of 3,643 (I have found 3,643 Agates worth of gems). All of the rest is highly regulated by chance, so I wont bore you with how my house looks or what I am wearing (you pervert...).

I owe this fast start in this game mostly to fishing, and I have created, for your viewing pleasure, a spreadsheet that should validate this assertion. In my next post, I will have enough data to compare the two fishing locations to see if they have the same drop ratios. So far, it looks like having friends help you open up Hat head Lake is worthwhile.

Before it is brought up, both locations can drop the two customization items: A fishing hat and a goldfish bowl.  These tend to drop in quick succession.

As you can see, my conclusion is that fishing will at least double, and nearly triple your energy regeneration rate, regardless of your upgraded items. Small amounts do add up. This should serve as motivation to continue fishing in between levels. However, the ratio of energy gain per time spent is not enough to create a large imbalance in the game.

If contacted by the developers, I do have some small changes that you could make to reduce the possibility of exploitation.

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  1. Ah, another lover of spreadsheets, lol. If you play Vampire Mob City, be sure to check the discussion board for a link to my spreadsheet there. :)

    A hint to all those who just LOVE to fish and can think of nothing better than staring at the screen only to rush into action every 15 to 20 seconds (wink, wink):

    Open a tab with Bush Whacker in it and set your little hero to fishing - I prefer the larger fishing hole as three spots allows less time lost in movement from one to the next (I know, I know, seconds at most but hey).

    Be sure your volume is on, then go off and do some other onerous task - scanning your junk mail, opening your real mail, clipping your toe nails - I don't know and probably don't want to find out. Just pick something that doesn't need constant attention - you might want to wait to start your souffle.

    When you hear your fishing bob jumping up and down, rush back to your Bush Whacker screen and reel in that prized tin can!

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    This method allows you to up your energy nearly passively, and might even be good for the state of your real life desk.