Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fishing in Bush Whacker - Part 2

With this recent update, there is a new fishing location in the Harbor. There are also a number of new quests which I will write on tomorrow.

Getting the pole capable of fishing there is very easy: Simple do the quest that Fisherman Steve asks you to, and then talk to him again to see what he has for sale. The rod only costs one token.

So far, the Harbor seems to be dropping slightly different quality of items as Hat Head Lake, but I will know more after more casts... here is the deal so far:

The following items have been caught
Junk Items: Fuzzy dice, Broken Cup, Toilet Seat, Bike Wheel, Basketball
Fish: Cod (2), Snapper (4), Salmon (8), Marlin (30!!!)
Gold: Broken Sword (2), Dull Pearl (4), Golden Coin (6), Spices (8)
So far, it looks as though there is more gold in these pools...

I was one of the first people to find the Fishing Helmet!

Another exciting feature is the Fishing Lure, also sold by the Fisherman for 4 tokens. This item increases your chance to get Fish by 2%... more to come on this topic once I can purchase one.

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