Saturday, September 18, 2010

500 Visitors!

Looks like my efforts are starting to pay off, and people are sharing my posts.  500 unique visitors in the first week of writing is a great feeling.  Please continue to share my old blogs, and contribute to making this even more informative.

1. What games would you like to see tips and reviews for?  Should they be older games like Farmvillle, or should I stay focused on the new ones that are coming out like Bushwhacker?

2. Was the City of Wonder spreadsheet valuable information, and should I do more like that in the future if the right game comes along?  I have old sheets for things like Cafe World and Farmville, but I don't play those anymore.

3. Are there any aspects of the current list of games that you would like more information about?

Thanks again for your support. I hope that I can continue to bring you good information about your favorite Facebook games, and they are worth sharing with your friends.

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