Thursday, September 16, 2010

Generating Silver in City of Wonder and Building Marvels

For those of you with only a little jingle in your pockets, you are missing out on a big opportunity to generate a lot of silver in City of Wonder.  While this is most likely widely known to those who visit the COW Facebook page and leave comments, I assume there are far more who did not.

Every time COW publishes a photo or makes an announcement, you may have noticed that 5,000 or so comments are left on it.  Only 10% or less are “add me to your team” type posts.  The rest fit into two categories: 1. People posting bonuses (expeditions, embassy level up, etc) for others to collect.  Each day I usually post one with 10 or so bonuses to click, earning everyone who does so 5,000S and 2. People posting Marvels they want completed right away.   This method is very valuable, since (as many of you can attest to) getting your 10-20 teammates to all click something can be a challenge!  Especially when you need 25 of them.

My roommate Scott alerted me to this process a few days ago and confirmed my suspicion that you could click other peoples bonuses who are not in your team already.  He claims that over an hour or so, you can make over 100,000S just clicking bonuses on that and other pages.  Just think about that… you could purchase at least an extra two buildings a day, with fairly minimal effort.

Other revenue sources like daily embassy clicks, goods, and your friends who post bonuses to your news feed are still good.  I would certainly attend to those first, since I can make 40K very fast each day that way.  Hopefully this has opened some of your eyes to the potential of the big crowd.

The links to the pages where most of the bonuses can be found, and where you can post your Marvels are: herehere, and here!  Enjoy, and as always, please share this if you found it helpful :)

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