Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Unlimited Gold in CityVille

There are no hacks or anything like that discussed here... just idiotic game mechanics

Games where you can never run out of things to do are not for me. If all it takes for you to surpass your peers is to sit in front of the game all day, then what is the point. Whoever has the least life wins.

Here are some simple steps to being able to afford whatever you want in the game:
1. Set up one business with as high a percent earned as possible (see prior post). A Seafood Restaurant with 263% bonus will yield 2211 coins. Simple math shows that 2211/140=15.8 coins for each good.
2. Complete quests until you can send a train to Charlieville and send the train every 5 minutes. This train costs 1200 coins and produces 300 goods. The ratio here is 4 coins per good (1200/300=4).
3. Supply your businesses with these goods for a 4x return on your investment, rotating each business through the "sweet spot" of bonus return. Repeat until you fall asleep or die of old age. This process requires very little energy, and can go on and on and on. Use businesses which hold a high amount of goods though.

I've made 20,000 coins and GAINED 2 energy while I was typing this.

Piers vs. Barns
If you are still building barns once piers become available, you are stupid. Each pier holds 420 goods, and doubles as up to SEVEN farm plots (Achieve seven boats by rotating the ones on the side so that it holds three on each side and one in the middle). They take up hardly any land for other buildings, and should produce enough crops to have a surplus if you use the train to Charlieville as well.

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